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Laundary Revoloution is the unmarried largest commercial laundry service provider in London with functionality to provide the hospitality enterprise in London as nicely, as a result of its strategic area at London. Leading hotels and other institutions can count on Laundry Revolutions to continually supply the equal impeccable degree of service. Laundry Revolutions will use sustainable practices even as processing up to 60,000 kgs of laundry every day, making us the largest hotel laundry service provider in London.

Laundry Revolutions has the required competencies to permit it to system the subsequent styles of linen/garments from Hotels and different Institutions:

  • Room Linen - This could consist of mattress sheets, pillow covers, duvet covers, towels (bathtub, hand and face), bath rugs, blankets/quilts etc
  • F & B Linen - This could include table covers, napkins and back-of-the-house linen like waiter towels, cook napkins, dish fabric, glass fabric, duster etc
  • Miscellaneous Linen - This consists of linen from miscellaneous hotel offerings like pool/spa, health club, beauty parlour etc
  • Staff Uniforms - All types of personnel uniforms from front workplace and again workplace group of workers like shirts, trousers, coats, jackets, fits, sarees, aprons, scarfs and many others
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Hotel Laundry Cycle

The ranges of operation in our facility could consist of

Step 1: Collection

Laundry Revolutions shall organize to collect dirty linen/garments from the hotel's premises as according to their convenience, if you want to be transported to the centralized facility thru the hotel's customized vehicles. At the time of series, right marking will be ensured at the hotel premises so that each one the accrued linen and garments are again in a well timed and powerful manner, hence minimizing errors.

Step 2: Sorting

Once within the facility, the received linen and garments will be cautiously analysed and sorted on the basis of type and texture in order that accurate processing methodology may be implemented. Well installed sorting mechanism as completed by way of Laundry Revolutions facilitates in batching and will play a completely critical position in improving linen and garment life because of reduction in re-wash necessities. Laundry Revolutions will use a manufacturing-line method for soil sorting, with complete-time employees assigned to the challenge.

Step 3: Spotting

Post-sorting, every garment is very well inspected for stains by our skilled group of workers who cleans the spot lightly and carefully using specialised system and chemicals. As a standard process, all dry cleaning garments will undergo a spotting process in addition to the other clothes or linen that can require spotting.

Step 4: Washing or Dry Cleaning

This is the process wherein the laundry is really washed or dry wiped clean in step with the material and texture of the linen or garment. The taken care of linen is weighed in keeping with the showering system's load restriction and loaded onto the device. Along with stand by myself washing machine extractors, Laundry Revolutions has hooked up a Continuous Batch Washer / Tunnel Washer which monitors its own chemical ranges and sell off linen directly into the laundry's "easy vicinity", the operator most effective masses the linen. Since the tunnel washing machine doesn't have to be stopped for loading and unloading of linen, it presents a more continuous, automated glide of smooth commercial laundry service for hotels.

The dry cleaning machines have the necessary capabilities to dry-clean all styles of garments, whether heavy or delicate.

Step 5: Drying, Ironing and Folding

In this level, the clean linen and clothes are dried, ironed and folded. Towels are positioned through dryers and then sent to automated folders. All linen (except towels) i.e. bed sheets, pillow covers, quilt covers, napkins, desk cloths etc. Are sent via an automated ironing line that dries, presses, folds and stacks them. All clothes are pressed on specialized, multiple presses that make certain the crisp and maximum high-quality finishing of clothes.

Step 6: Packing

In this step, the processed linen is ready for transport. Individual orders are crammed, based totally on the needs and requests of the laundry's clients, after which sent to the laundry's essential packing vicinity which packs the linen the use of air tight packing to save you the linen from coming in touch with any foreign matter. The clothes could be added in folded programs or placed on hanger, as desired through the customer and bagged well.

Step 7: Delivery

In this step, manpower mainly skilled in each laundry operation and the concepts of excellent customer service will shipping the smooth linen returned to the clients in specially designed, custom designed delivery motors.

Laundry Revolutions even as designing the above procedure has effectively spoke back to the requirements of excessive degree of processing automation, nicely skilled and professional operators, maximum exceptional of uncooked materials and maximum current technology laundry device.


If you're one of the "better" inns across London then you definitely need look no similarly for the proper business laundry accomplice. The customer service and pinnacle-first-rate inventory - spanning bed and desk linen, toweling and work wear - are dedicated to supporting 5-stars, boutiques and small chains create superior stays. No be counted how massive or small is your hotel we deliver same priority to all kind of consumer.

We understand that as a lodge services or hospitality guest laundry services in hotel, you would love to offer the second home for your client. The lasting affect of a stylishly dressed bedroom, the crispness of a sheet and the touch of a smooth clean towel affords your guest with the flawlessly relaxed revel in. That's why every time underestimate the significance of the high-quality and finish of your linen hire. The laundry factor contend with all your belonging.

We believe on the excessive quality and on time delivery to our clients. So we promise of excessive trendy, constructed a strong manner of running with high era machines usage. Laundry Revolutions take cares of all our clients' wishes consisting of bed sheet, pillow cowl and all the different resort linen for hospitality laundry services. Our recognition is to offer you high excellent services, and we enable you to retain jogging your motel with peace of mind. We also work intently with our customer in order that we are able to work near and easily with them.

Laundry Revolutions offers a dedicated inventory provider for all our clients. This way that our machine for preserving every customers' linen break away different inns' is well-mounted. Your personal inventory can be laundered and back to you with out hassle. We maintain the proper labeling device for the identity of our belonging. We are always available to visit your lodge to evaluate your linen wishes, and to offer our recommendations on the high-quality provider options in your inn. A complete audit of your beds and linen necessities may also be completed prior to starting a contract.

From the moment your lodge linen is picked up, special attention to detail is given thru the sorting, washing, drying and packing technique, labeling proper up to go back delivery.

All the items that come to our laundry are checked on arrival for symptoms of harm. We make sure that every job is easily identifiable and traceable back to the purchaser at all times, for your peace of thoughts.

Our purpose is to ensure a pinnacle best hotel linen laundry service at less costly charges without any hassles. Items we are able to launder:

All gadgets are washed and ironed to a excessive general so your body of workers can look clever!

Our promise to you

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