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The root of every revolutionary idea begins with an ambitious man/woman with a brave heart. They act on a problem and not just complain, but work towards it and find the solution. Usually, they take to go beyond the normal way of life and challenge the existing system that the society would be rigid about.

And when the story relates to the same old, easy cleaning of clothes, why should anyone care about professional laundry services?

But looking down on innovation of such a small petty thing doesn’t matter anymore because if a society doesn’t respect its innovators, it could never grow as a civilization for much longer.

Who was behind it | building blocks of professional laundry service!

  • The starting of laundromat service, which was going to be one of our basic needs, is from an American entrepreneur Thomas L. Jennings. His method is known as ‘dry scouring ‘ 
  • It is the nature of humans to keep on rediscovering old techniques. Such an innovation was going to take place when a man named Jean Baptiste Jolly, invented his method of using kerosene and gasoline to clean fabrics. He opened the first dry cleaning service business in 1845 in Paris. 
  • When civilization goes through a phase of technological development, likely, their old innovations would still have some lacking, in this constant race to be better than ever. Similarly, the problem of flammability inspired a dry cleaner from Atlanta; William Joseph Stoddard to make some slightly less flammable alternatives than gasoline-based solvents. It was called Stoddard solvent. Dry cleaning services after World War 1 started using chlorinated solvents which were much less-flammable and were more powerful than petroleum solvents. 
  • The wash and dry laundry industry took a pivot in the mid-1930. The house laundry service industry has pivoted towards tetrachloroethylene (perchloroethylene), PCE as short, using it as the solvent. This solvent was non-flammable, and it had wonderful cleaning power. It was compatible with most of the garments. It could be recycled thanks to its stable nature.

How does the professional laundry service industry work?

Laundromat near me in London from the shoes of the customer could be in two ways plants or drop shops. A plant has its setup and does on sight cleaning. On the other hand, the drop shops take the customer's clothes and send them to large plants. When the clothes are cleaned and are returned to the drop shops, then they are ready for distribution to the customers. However, the turnaround time is more with drop shops.

Since the dot-com boom in 2000, every industry has been leaning towards technological solutions. Since 2010, a lot of markets have been using websites or mobile applications for laundry pickup and delivery services. Just like our own Laundry Revolutions pickup and delivery service, that lets you relax and all the hassle gets taken care of. We at Laundry Revolutions pick up your garments at your prescribed time and deliver them back to you when you would have given us the time to deliver because we always understand the importance of your time.

Perceive the past to see the future!

Every time we predict the future, it is highly likely that we have somehow gathered the information regarding that subject and have calculated a possible future outcome. 
That is why a lot of experts emphasize the fact that knowing the past is important for getting an outcome with a sensible pattern that could adapt to the needs of the future. 

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