Top five factors a hotel renter considers in a hotel

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Spending celebration times in a hotel is a choice of many people. Some people find a luxurious hotel to celebrate their special days. And in most cases, these guests look for high standards as they are paying a sizeable amount and they expect top-notch services. So, it is a real challenge to hotel owners on how to captivate those guests with the best service. But most hotel owners focus on the same thing when they visit their hotels. Here are the top five factors that a guest thinks about when renting a hotel.

Bed Linen

The most important thing boarders concentrate on first when they check in a hotel room is the bed linen. If it looks crushed, stained, or dirty, they reject the room instantly. The bed linen should be whiter, cleaner, and spotless than ever. If so, it enhances their relaxation. Relaxing in a clean and freshly fragrant bed linen elevates one’s mood while shabby and spotted linens decrease the mood and they lose the charm of visiting a luxurious hotel.

Pillows and Duvets

A soothing pillow has a fair impact on offering you a sound sleep. When you visit a luxurious hotel, you ensure the pillows are good enough to comfort you at night. Pillow covers should be clean and spotless. If boarders find pillows with lumps inside, it makes them feel annoying. So, as a hotel owner, ensure the pillows are clean and lump-free.

Duvets and mattresses are two important factors; boarders observe when they check in a hotel. Duvets should be clean, even, and smooth enough to ensure the highest comfort. Clean and non-sagging mattresses lead to good sleep. Before the guest comes, ensure that all the things are in their position and fold up properly to make the room neat and organized.

Towels and Bathrobes

The next thing a guest checks is in the bathroom and its hygiene. The bathroom should be clean enough and free from foul odours. There should be sufficient light to make the place illuminated. And the most important thing is the bathroom towels. Guests check how they look. If the towels look shabby and stained, it brings a big question about the standard of the hotel. To ensure the topmost hygiene, keep your close attention to the bathroom towels in your hotel.

It is not enough that the towels are washed properly and free from spots. Guests prefer soft and fluffy towels as the best part of comfort. A professional pillow & duvet-cleaning service in London ensures the towels are washed using chemical-free detergent to maintain their softness of them. To keep the towels fluffy, professionals use vinegar as it is a proven element to soften towels and bathrobes.

Some small things can make a big difference to impress visitors. If you have embroidered towels, make sure that the fabric gets the right washing method, as embroidered items need extra care to maintain classiness. If you can present a beautiful, clean, ironed embroidered towel, it will enhance your first impression. 

If you offer towel bathrobes, ensure that they are spotless, properly ironed, and hung to make the boarders feel they come to a smart establishment. 


Whether your hotel is in a cold or moderately cold or a humid area, there should be a clean and fantastic carpet to enhance the value of your hotel. Therefore, call professional cleaning service providers and ensure clean and hygienic carpets, rugs, and mats in your rooms and washrooms.

Laundry Service

Some boarders ask for the hotel laundry to wash and iron their clothes while some want to know how healthy the hotel is as it offers professional laundry services. You can outsource the laundry service from a trusted laundry company if you have no in-house laundry establishment. If the boarders look for professional shoe and boot repairs in London, ensure that they become satisfied with a fast and top-class show repair service to meet their desired needs. 

Keep these factors in your mind and make a lasting impression on your hotel guests. 

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