Revealing the Benefits of Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning and Its Difference with Conventional Method

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Environment awareness and sustainable living have become the need of the hour which has already made an impact on the laundry industry. The conventional cleaning methods are highly criticized especially dry cleaning as toxic chemicals are used in this process to remove dirt, stain, and germs from garments.

Exposure of these chemicals not only causes harm to the dry cleaning professionals but also to nature. From polluting air and water to putting marine lives at risk, the chemical solvents are extremely dangerous. Eco-friendly dry cleaning is an ultimate solution to this problem where environment-friendly solvents, cleaners, and liquid silicone are used to remove stubborn stains and clean the garments. Since these are not harsh on the garments, the fabrics remain delicate even after dry cleaning.

Find out the significance of eco-friendly dry cleaning

Nowadays, most of the reputed dry cleaners in London offer environment-friendly dry cleaning. Some laundry services also name it organic dry cleaning. However, before heading to ‘dry cleaning near me', get a complete understanding of this sustainable method.

Eco-friendly dry cleaning- How does it clean your clothes?

A common myth says that eco-friendly dry cleaning is not as effective as regular cleaning. You also might have some doubts in your mind. Let’s break this myth.

In the process of organic dry cleaning, liquid silicone is used that has very low surface tension. This cleaning agent deeply penetrates into the garments and removes even the most stubborn stain. Also, it works on the bad odour and germs of garments so that you will get fresh, clean, odour-less clothing. Hence, when it comes to the need for dry cleaning, you can choose an eco-friendly process instead of the traditional method. Laundry Revolutions offer environment-friendly dry cleaning in London. While looking for ‘dry cleaners near me', you can book our service online.

Does environment-friendly dry cleaning good for your garments?

Dry cleaning is a process where water is not used to wash garments. Usually, it is recommended for extremely delicate fabrics like woolen garments, wedding gowns, party wear, leather garments, upholstery, and other premium clothes. In the process of eco-friendly dry cleaning, special solvents are used which remove stain and clean the outfits while being very gentle on the fabrics. Therefore, you’ll never experience harshness and rough texture. Instead, your garment will get a new look after washing.

Is eco-friendly dry cleaning expensive?

It’s all about misconceptions as organic dry cleaning is more affordable than the conventional process. Look for a renowned ‘laundry service in London’ and check out the pricing details.

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