How to prevent white clothes from yellowing

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A white shirt or a white pair of jeans looks dashing, only when it is as white as you bought it. Yellowing of white clothes is the most heartbreaking thing that can happen inside your closet. Taking care of white clothes is indeed tough. If you have a shortage of time to clean your yellowish white dresses, you can look for professional “laundry services near me” to ease your task.

White clothes catch dust and can be stained easily by daily activities. You can store white fabrics in a cool and dry place to avoid extremes of temperature. Storing such clothes for a particular season was never this easy. You can use acid and lignin-free archival tissue around the storage box to keep them safe from any sort of metals or elements that it can react with. 

Why bleaching of white clothes can cause yellowing?

Wash and fold services  often use chlorine-based bleach to make the whites whiter. However, overusing chlorine-based bleaches on the same fabric can be the reason for its yellowness. Even synthetic fabrics should not be bleached. It makes the fibers loosen, hence turning yellow. Instead, you should switch to organic detergents, which come with the goodness of antibacterial and essential oils and nature’s fragrances.

Here are some ways to bring your favorite white dress back to life:

  • Use the sun: Yes, as simple as it sounds. After your clothes are all washed and rinsed, don’t use the dryer. Instead, hang your white clothes under the scorching heat rays of the sun. Sun acts as a natural whitener for white clothes. The UV rays of the sun break any sort of chemical bond which can cause discoloration. They have anti-fungal properties, thus keeping the clothes under the sun to dry will prevent any fungus from growing in the fabric. Not only white clothes, but the sun also keeps the color of multicolor clothes intact.
  • White vinegar: White vinegar always has your back! It is the most essential and least harmful bleach available. It also makes clothes soft and fleecy after washing. Soak your clothes in a mixture of lime juice, vinegar, and warm water for 30 minutes and wash them normally. You can also use an additional ½ cups of white vinegar while normal rinsing to get rid of any foul odor.
  • Use citrus: Want your clothes to shine brightly like you? According to commercial cleaning and ironing services, citrus not only makes your fabrics white but also adds glow to the clothes. It is a lifesaver in the laundry world. Just add ½ cups of lemon juice into 1 gallon of warm water and soak your dull clothes in it for an hour or overnight. After they are soaked, take the clothes out and wash them normally in the washing machine with the remaining solution and let dry. You will notice incredible luster in your favorite white dress.
  • Baking soda: Baking soda acts as an organic softener. It makes your clothes fresh and soft after washing. It also has antifungal properties, thus preventing your clothes from any micro-bacterial growth. Once your clothes are washed properly, mix 1 cup of baking soda in 4 liters of water and rinse your clothes thoroughly in that solution and let dry under the sun and your whites are good as new! Apart from these, you can also use chemical-based whiteners like hydrogen peroxide, blues, and borax to make your white clothes whiter.
  • Say “no” to harmful chemicals: chemicals! No matter how useful, are always harmful. So, it is advised not to use chemical detergents and chemical stain removers. It is to save your planet from pollution as well. Check what you are putting in with your clothes in that washing machine. You should never waste your money on chemical fabric softeners, though they leave behind a beautiful smell, they can damage your clothes and leaves yellow stains.

The above tips and tricks will make laundry services easier for you, and if you don’t want to mess with your white and delicate clothes, get the best laundry experience in London. To facilitate with “ laundry services near me ” contact Laundry Revolutions, a professional wash and fold service in London.

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