Dry Cleaning & Regular Cleaning – Explore the Difference Between these Methods

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Do you know about different cleaning methods? Dry cleaning is one of the best cleaning methods for delicate fabrics. Unlike laundry cleaning, it refers to a specific type of cleaning without using water and harsh detergent. In this process, the professional method is followed instead of regular cleaning with a household washing machine. Since water is not used in the process, many people describe it as an unusual process of cleaning clothes. However, dry cleaning is the ultimate solution that has become popular due to its benefits. So, look for the best dry cleaning services in London to experience the professional solution of cleaning clothes. 

Let’s find out the differences between the regular cleaning method and the dry cleaning process. Hopefully, it would be helpful to make you understand the amazing cleaning technique.

Dry cleaning vs. Wet cleaning 

Cleaning without water- sounds a little funny, right? The term is somewhat confusing as it’s not at all a dry process. But, instead of water, eco-friendly solvents, for instance, hydrocarbon, are applied to the clothing to remove dirt and stain. At first, dirty clothes are placed in a machine with the special solvent to remove a stubborn stain from it and clean it perfectly for a fresh look. Once the clothes get cleaned properly, they are dried and at last, pressed. As a result, you get a clean garment without experience loss of color or distorted texture. So, isn’t it amazing? Hence, you don’t need to take stress while going to the laundry to make your favorite blazer or gown get dry-cleaned. 

Wet cleaning is the process known to all where water and detergent both are used to clean dirty garments. It can be hand-washing or machine-washing. The chemicals of the detergent and water may make the color faded and the fabric might shrink after washing. Therefore, before following the regular cleaning process, go to the laundry solution provider as they can suggest you the best technique.

So, head to the best dry cleaning services in London for cleaning gentle fabrics. You can also search for laundry services as they often offer dry cleaning solutions. 

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