Dry Cleaning or Regular Wash – What’s The Best for Winter Clothes?

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Winter days tend you to wrap yourself up in multiple layers of warm clothes. But, to stay protected from harsh winter, the quantity of garments gets increased and so as cleaning those clothes. Winter clothes are made of delicate fabrics such as wool, leather, etc. which need proper care. Wrong methods of washing may make your warm clothes damaged. Also, due to a busy schedule, it becomes difficult to manage laundry on a regular basis. Here comes the necessity to look for professional laundry service in Abbey Wood, London. Hiring a laundry service is not only a great solution to avoid unwanted damage of winter garments but also manage daily tasks without experiencing hassles. 

So, looking for wash, dry and fold laundry services in London? Though there are many professional laundry services in East London, you must visit a launderette that follows eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning methods. Now, here’s a quick run down before visiting the laundry service. 

Should the winter wears be washed or not?

Perhaps, it’s the most common question among all. In case of warm clothes, such as woolen garments, heavy jackets, leather coats, everyone has a doubt regarding cleaning. Before visiting the laundry service, people get worried about whether the delicate fabric becomes damaged. No need to get fret! The easiest answer is to visit the best laundry service in London. 

The professionals know how to wash delicate winter garments without damaging them. Usually, they suggest dry cleaning method to clean woolen outfits. Since the dry cleaning process is different from regular washing, the fabric will not lose its softness and original texture. So, head towards the eco dry cleaners and get your favourite winter wear washed.

Does the winter wears need gentle machine wash?

Are gentle machine wash and handwashing perfect for winter garments? Can you perform hand washing to clean a dirty winter cloth, blanket, or comforter? Are you also thinking the same? Cleaning a heavy blanket or comforter is not an easy task and hand washing can be a daunting task. Therefore, the best option is to get in touch with a professional laundry service online. As most of the laundry services offer doorstep pickup and delivery, you don’t need to make much effort. 

Should mild or strong detergent be used?

It depends on the fabric of your attire. The delicate fabrics need to wash with mild detergent and dry cleaning is the best option for them. Some individuals even doubt whether the launderette uses premium quality detergent or not. To avoid this confusion, you must visit the best laundry service in Abbey Wood, London.

Tips from expert 
Whether you avail of laundry service or clean the winter apparel at home, you must keep the woolen garments in a dry place. Even after dry washing, the woolen clothes should be segregated and kept in a dry closet as moisture is the enemy of this fabric. To avoid unwanted smells, you can keep the clothes in a paper bag inside your wardrobe. 

Hope, now, you don’t have any queries and confusion about cleaning delicate and expensive winter clothes. 

Get in touch with the dry cleaner and laundry service 

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