Are You Making These Mistakes While Ironing Your Clothes? Avoid These Or Hire Laundry Service

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Perhaps, ironing is one of the most difficult and unwanted chores. There are different types of clothes in your wardrobe and for each fabric; you need to follow a specific technique. High temperature not only damages your clothing but also improper use of ironing device can be dangerous for you. So, how to deal with wrinkled clothes? The easiest way is to hire a professional laundry service as it will be time-saving and hassle-free.

Laying clothes on a flat surface and pressing the wrinkled garments might seem to be very easy but there are several things to consider. Pleats, collars, tucks, seams are some of the tricky areas that can make a novice put into difficulty. Getting wrinkles out of these areas need more effort and here come the chances of making mistakes. In this blog, we’re going to discuss the common DIY ironing mistakes that one must avoid ensuring the perfect look of your outfits.

#1 ironing over-dried clothes

Clothes become difficult to iron when they are over-dried. Due to over-drying, clothes resist reshaping and it makes you put lots of effort to deal with the task. In fact, it can take a lot of time also to iron the garments. Hence, iron the clothes which are slightly wet as it is easier for you to press. If you don’t use the drier, then also bring the clothes from the sun when they are slightly damp. When you finish ironing, consider hanging up the clothes to avoid getting wrinkles again.

# 2 Ironing with a dirty steam iron         

Dirty steam irons can stain your washed clothes. To avoid further staining, you need to clean the iron properly before heating it up. For cleaning, you can use vinegar, baking soda, or common distilled water or cleaning agents for removing dust, dirt, and germs.

#3 Heating up in a wrong way 

Pressing your garments at a high temperature can spoil the texture of the fabric. Therefore, ironing should be done based on the type of fabric. In this regard, you can follow the care instruction written on the labels. If you want to overcome all these hassles, you can visit a reputed laundry service in Abbey Wood, London that offers ironing, washing, and folding service. Nowadays, online booking and same-day laundry services are available so you can enjoy a hassle-free ironing experience.

# 4 Leaving iron machine plugged in

As said earlier, the wrong use of an ironing device can not only harm your clothes but also you. one of the most common mistakes is to keep the iron plugged in even after its use. Whenever you finish pressing clothes, take out the iron from the plug to avoid unwanted dangers.

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