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A Few Words About London's Leading Laundry & Dry Cleaning Company

We are professionals in the laundry and dry cleaning business, which means we always stay up to date on the latest technologies, cleaning methods, and solutions for dealing with stains or delicate fabrics.

We also maintain the highest quality & standard of business integrity by following local and national regulations and environmental safety rules.

Laundry revolutions aims to serve customers in a way that is far beyond their expectations. All laundry and dry cleaning services come with free pickup and delivery in less than 24 hours all over London.

We understand our customer’s needs and priorities, and take care of the hassle and stress of laundry so they have more time to spend with their families.

Please remember that our highly efficient delivery partners ensure you face no difficulties for collection and delivery. We use the latest technologies and the service we provide is incredibly good.


Why Choose Us

Personalized Experience

We take the utmost care of your clothes, separating your items based on their types and needs, and giving you exceptionally clean clothes in return.

Affordable Pricing

We are always focused on providing the best affordable price for our customers. An option of choosing between 2-type of services. Day service (for urgent needs) and 24H service (for regular needs).


It's much easier for you to order your laundry service through our super convenient app, giving you the ability to spend more time on the things that matter - like family.


We use the best cleaning and clothing products, to assure that your favourite clothes are always being treated in the greatest of conditions.

Express Delivery

Forgot to wash your clothes before your interview? Having trouble washing your clothes for dinner tonight? Need someone to help wash your daily items? You will receive your laundry either with our super Same Day service or with our less than 24-Hour delivery service; whichever you need!

Instant Order Update

We provide regular updates of your order, to help you keep track of your laundry and plan accordingly.

Best laundry services, features, and significance

These days, lives are full of busy schedules. If you have tight work schedules, it is important to hire the best laundry service to handle your laundry. Besides, some fabrics need extra care that you cannot apply at your home. Professional laundry and dry cleaning cleaning companies have the knowledge and understanding to keep your garments and other home items such as cushions, blankets, sofa covers, pillows, tablecloths, and other items stain-free and disinfected.

Choosing the right one needs your research and time. Top companies have a few special features. Here is what you expect from the best laundry service in London:

Free Pickup and Delivery

It is one of the significant features of a laundry and dry cleaning cleaning provider. Customers don’t need to be worried about when and how they take dirty clothing to the shop, but the service provider provides a free pickup and delivery facility to ease this matter.

24/7 Services

No matter whether you have an urgent meeting in your office or you have an evening invitation to your neighbor, when you are with the best laundry service in London, you have services any time of the day. We are very much superior providing oders in locations, that is why we called best and reliable " laundry service London".


Always check the experience of the cleaning service. An experienced company understands the best practices and procedures to clean your laundry gently without harming the delicate fabrics of your clothes.

Simple Pickup Procedure

You don't need to wait long hours for the pickup service, but a top laundry and dry cleaning cleaning company picks up and delivers items at your doorstep at your convenient time.

Fast Delivery

With the best laundry service in London, you have the fastest delivery. You don’t need to bother with a pile of dirty clothes in your home, but the launderette makes them clean and fragrant with no hassle and extra time. You will find a fast delivery with a top service provider.

Delicate Cleaning

Some delicate fabrics need special care and attention while cleaning. Professional cleaners take extra care to keep delicate items soft and bright forever. No harsh chemicals and cleaning techniques are applied while cleaning laundries with delicate fabrics.

On-time Pickup and Delivery

A company is said to be good when it is time-efficient. Customers are priceless. To value their time, a reputed laundry cleaning company provides on-time pick and delivery services. Not only a convenient pickup procedure, but a leading company always maintains time and appears to collect and deliver items at the right time.

Before-delivery Testing

The best laundry service in London never forgets to check the items before delivery. It is highly essential to avoid mistakes. Customer satisfaction is the only aim, and to satisfy the esteemed customers and ensure quality, it is one of the crucial attributes of a trusted company.

No Complaint Service

Top laundry companies provide the best quality services with no complaint from the customer’s end. They use the latest cleaning techniques, safe cleaning solutions, and other customer-centric services. When everything is perfect regarding cleaning and delivering, it is possible to build long-term relationships with customers.

Personalized Care

Everyone wants to get personalized care for their laundry. Professional cleaners take much care when they wash and iron your favorite outfits. Personalized care keeps clothes just perfect in their condition. Using attire for years, personalized care is a must. The best laundry service London always provides customized care to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

Fast Booking Procedure

Cleaning services value your time. Therefore, they offer a fast booking procedure that no customer needs to stand in a queue. Just with a few clicks on your mouse, you can enjoy uninterrupted facilities provided by the best laundry service London.
For eco-friendly washing , folding , ironing , and dry cleaning services , contact the best laundry service in London.

Dry Cleaning – An ultimate solution to clean your favorite outfits

Dry cleaning is a revolutionary laundry solution designed for washing delicate clothing items. Unlike the regular washing solution, it’s a different technique to clean clothes. Lots of benefits are associated with it which makes a widely known procedure to clean the fabrics like silk, wool, leather, linen, rayon, denim, and other delicate fabrics. A professional launderette can only suggest which apparels need to be dry cleaned to maintain the sensitive clothing material. Dry cleaning not only removes stubborn stains from your favorite garments but also retains color and brightness.

Usually, laundry solution includes dry cleaning services. However, you must consider choosing the experienced and reliable one for the best quality service. Do you want to know about this amazing cleaning process? Let’s find it out here.

How does dry cleaning work?

First of all, dry cleaning is not all a ‘dry’ process. It’s a special procedure of using liquid chemical solvent to remove the stains and dirt from a cloth. Mostly perchloroethylene or perc is used as a solvent to dip and soak the garment. Alternatively, petroleum spirits and trichloroethane are used in the dry cleaning procedure. For winter coats, blankets, suits, blazers, formals, and embellished dresses need dry cleaning instead of regular cleaning. Here, we are going to make a detailed discussion about the fabrics that should be dry-cleaned.

• Leather
Do you have any leather garments? Leather is a premium material known for offering a rich and classy look. So, you must not want your leather jacket to get damaged due to the wrong washing technique. Dry cleaning is the only solution to remove stains from leather without distorting its elegant texture.

• Wool
Wool gets shrink when dipped in water. Dry cleaning is the best solution to maintain the texture of this fabric.

• Suede
It’s a special type of leather made of lambskin, goat, and cowhide. This fabric is not only expensive but also difficult to clean at home. The dry cleaning professionals know how to clean this fabric without damaging its rich texture.

• Silk
Silk is a premium-textured natural fiber. Washing with soap and water makes it lose its original color while distorting the fabric. Even, it might shrink after washing. Thus, dry cleaning is suggested to protect the fabric from damage while retaining the vibrant color.

• Linen
Derived from flax, Linen is strong, absorbent, and also dries faster than cotton. But, if handled in an incorrect way, it will lose its crispness and superior quality. Hence, you need to look for dry cleaning near me to get your cloth washed without experiencing any damage.

• Home furnishing accessories
Apart from the above-mentioned fabrics, certain home furnishing elements also require dry cleaning to retain the rich texture.

• Expensive outfits
Your wardrobe must contain suits, uniforms, sports jackets, prom dresses, bridal gowns, and other similar elegant attire. Whatever the fabric is, these garments always need to be dry cleaned to retain their look, embellishments, and quality.

• Painted clothing items
Regular washing procedures may fade the paint on your favorite garments. The glittery effect may get peeled off and thus it will lose the original look and elegance. Hence, you must go for dry cleaning instead of washing at home.

• Embroidered clothes
Embroidered garments lose their rich look while washing by hand. Hence, it’s a good idea to choose dry cleaning for experiencing the glorious look of it for a longer duration.

Get in touch with the professional laundry service provider

Hopefully, this information will help you to care for your favorite clothing items.

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